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Irises: The Unofficial Beverlee McKinsey and Carmen Duncan Home Page

Guiding Light: July 1991
Alex and Roger's Divorce

(Alex enters the Spaulding mansion and sees Vera pouring tea/coffee.)

ALEX: Where's Fletcher?

VERA: He left. He said to tell you, "Keep your chin up, (hands Alex a cup) Blondie." I like that man! Why couldn't you have married somebody like him instead of that rat in wolf's clothing?

ALEX: I can't talk about that now, Vera.

VERA: Peanut, are you alright?

ALEX: Roger wants to talk to me about something. He sounded very peculiar.

VERA: He is peculiar!

ALEX: He thinks he's won, beaten me. Boy, is he wrong!

VERA: What are you talking about?

ALEX: Would you excuse me, Vera? Roger will be back any moment and I need some time to get my thoughts together.

VERA: (smiling) Sure, dear. (She turns to leave.)

ALEX: (to herself) He's gearing up for some grand finale.

VERA: (turning back around) What?

ALEX: (oblivious to Vera) I'll choose the time and place, not him!

(Vera walks out of the room, as Alex paces thoughtfully for a few moments. Then the door opens, and Roger - who has been on crutches for several weeks - comes in.)

ALEX: Roger.

ROGER: Alex.

ALEX: Well, what did you want to see me about?

ROGER: (hesitantly) There's no easy way to do this, Alex. I want a divorce. (Alex looks shocked, then turns away in thought as he continues.) You must know, I have the highest respect for you, Alex. I'll always look back on our marriage with the fondest of memories. But you and I both have felt this gulf widening...

ALEX: (calmly) If you don't mind, I'd rather not talk about this now.

ROGER: Why not?

ALEX: I need a day or so to absorb it all.

ROGER: (with somewhat fake empathy) Oh, of course. I'm sorry. Look, I'll move my things out tonight, and we can meet later to discuss terms.

ALEX: (upset) Terms, yes. (Roger nods, and turns to walk away when Alex speaks again.) I'd like us to meet tomorrow night at the country club for dinner.

ROGER: (shocked) Are you sure you want to discuss this in so public a place?

ALEX: It would be less painful for me away from the house. And, it's July 4th. The club should be fairly deserted.

ROGER: If that's what you want, of course. Oh, Alex!

(He takes her hand and kisses it, as she gets a look on her face that is a combination of disgust and anger. She maintains her cool until he leaves. When he is gone, she walks over to the stairs, at the foot of which hangs a portrait of her and Roger. She angrily picks up a vase and throws it at Roger's image in the painting.)

ALEX: That's only the beginning, Buster!

(She goes over to the phone and starts dialing a number as Vera enters the room.)

VERA: What's going on? (She sees that Roger's face in the painting has been vandalized.)

ALEX: (on the phone) Yes, this is Alexandra Spaulding. I'd like to reserve a table for two for tomorrow night? Eight o'clock would be perfect. (She hangs up.)

VERA: (again) What's going on?

ALEX: I'm planning an Independence Day celebration - with lots and lots of fireworks!

(She grins wickedly as ominous music plays. The next day, Roger and Hart have just left the mansion with the remainder of Roger's things, leaving Alex alone. She goes to the phone and calls Mindy. Mindy, who has just gotten in, answers.)

MINDY: Hello?

ALEX: (pretending to be friendly) Mindy, this is Alexandra. Did you get my invitation?

MINDY: No, I haven't been here. I was visiting a friend in the hospital. I'm very concerned about him.

ALEX: Oh, that's too bad. You need to get your mind off it. I'm giving a surprise party tonight for Roger. I really want you to be there.

MINDY: (annoyed) I'm sorry, I can't.

ALEX: It won't be the same if you're not there.

MINDY: I'm very busy, Alex.

ALEX: (strongly) I wouldn't miss it, if I were you.

MINDY: So, what are you saying, Alexandra?

ALEX: I'm saying, who would you rather see surprised - Roger, or your father?

MINDY: Okay. You want a fight? You've got it!

(She slams down the phone, then Alex hangs up and laughs, leading to the revolving lighthouse of the opening. In the next scene, Alex, dressed for the night's event, answers the door to Mindy.)

ALEX: (once again pretending as if nothing's happening) Mindy, you're early. You didn't give me time to explain: The party's not here, it's at the country club.

MINDY: Let's have your party right now and get it over with.

ALEX: (grinning) All in good time, dear. You won't have to wait long.

MINDY: I'm not gonna wait at all. And I'm not gonna play your games, Alexandra. If you have something to say to me, then say it, but don't threaten me, and don't try and mess with my life!

ALEX: Mess with you? You think this is about you? Oh, no. I meant to make that clear. (shutting the door, and smiling again) This is a surprise for Roger.

MINDY: Is he here?

ALEX: No. Come on in. I'm sorry the place is so torn up.

MINDY: It doesn't look...

(Mindy sees the Roger/Alex portrait sitting on the floor.)

ALEX: Oh...uh...that's...that's being removed. Our marriage is over. But of course you knew that. In fact, if we're talking about surprises, you're pretty good at keeping secrets, aren't you?

MINDY: I see where you're leading, Alexandra, but you're wrong. There's nothing going on between Roger and me!

ALEX: Nothing! It may have seemed like nothing to you, but it was enough to sink a marriage.

MINDY: I am not having an affair with him, if that's what you think.

ALEX: (her cool veneer breaks, somewhat) I was trying so hard not to think that. I must have looked like the town idiot. I lied to myself for months. Roger goes off to Chicago, and the car rental slip is signed, "Mrs. Roger Thorpe." (grinning) Did that give you a thrill? Did you do that in hotel rooms - you know, room service, stuff like that? And that lavish emerald ring I admired, asking about it, so happy you had a boyfriend!

MINDY: I'm not staying for this! (Turns to leave.)

ALEX: And that escapade with the earrings.

(Mindy turns back around.)

MINDY: Earrings?

ALEX: The Valentino(?) earrings, of course. I hope you have the pleasure of finding another woman's earring under your bed someday. (Mindy looks very guilty.) Well, I have to hand it to you Mindy, they were (pause) expensive. At least you didn't sell yourself cheap.

MINDY: You don't know what you're talking about, Alexandra.

ALEX: I'm pretty good at adding numbers, so I think I probably do: You've had yourself a rewarding couple of months.

MINDY: Don't do this.

ALEX: I hope it was worth it! (vulnerable for an instant, but then laughs again) Oh, my, he was your landlord, too. I expect he gave you a break on the rent?

MINDY: (now angry) Is that when you think this started, Alexandra - when I was living in that apartment? Well you're wrong, this started a long time ago! (Alex is clearly a bit phased.) If that's your research, you didn't go far enough back. Roger turned to me the first night you rejected him.

ALEX: What are you talking about?

MINDY: The night he needed you most, when he was publicly humiliated at The Towers.

ALEX: He humiliated both of us that night, and that's between Roger and me.

MINDY: There wasn't much else between you, was there? Roger tried to get close to you, and you locked him out of your bedroom...

ALEX: (shocked) He told you that?

MINDY: ...because you were busy setting him up with Holly for some kind of test for your amusement?

ALEX: (appalled) And all the while he was seeing you? (laughing) Oh, that's...that's really funny. Poor Holly, going through that nightmare for nothing. I apologized to Roger for that. (really downtrodden here) I begged for his forgiveness. But I'm sure he told you that too. Sweet little Mindy, my young friend, what did I ever do to you?

MINDY: (trying not to feel guilty) You brought this on yourself, Alexandra. When Blake was kidnapped and Roger turned to you for help you laughed in his face - why do you think he turned to me for support?

ALEX: (mockingly) Oh, oh, tell me, won't you? Teach me, educate me! You're so knowledgeable in the ways of the heart! You've told me why Roger betrayed me. Now tell me why you did?

MINDY: I loved Roger (Alex laughs) and he loved me, but I never set out to ruin your marriage. You destroyed that all yourself.

(She tries to leave, but Alex physically forces her to stay.)

ALEX: (indignant) Oh, no, you don't get to talk to me like that and just walk away! You think Roger's going to marry you now?

MINDY: No, I don't. I think it's over. I told you, I'm not seeing him. But I'm not ashamed of what we had. We loved each other.

ALEX: (dismissive) Just keep telling yourself that.

MINDY: I was the one he turned to when he wanted to start a family.

ALEX: Well, if that was the plan, you certainly let him down, didn't you?

MINDY: (on the verge of tears) You knew about the baby? (She sits down as Alex grins.)

MINDY: When I was in the hospital after my miscarriage and you came to see me, you couldn't wait to tell me about Roger's son. You knew, didn't you?

ALEX: Mmm, I knew everything.

MINDY: I thought I was gonna lose my mind that day, and you came in with flowers, chattering away...

ALEX: I found you staring at your wedding dress while Roger was still married to me!

MINDY: Whatever I did wrong, Alexandra, I have paid for it!

ALEX: You ruined a marriage.

MINDY: A marriage! You didn't have a marriage to Roger, you had a business agreement - a prenuptual contract to bind Roger to you because you didn't have what it takes to keep him yourself.

ALEX: If you had what it takes, I guess you lost it.

MINDY: And all the time you were going on about Hart - and how much Roger loves him - it was to hurt me more? I didn't know you can be so cruel.

ALEX: You slept with my husband, made a fool of me, and you're gonna lecture me about cruelty?

MINDY: No, I'm not gonna lecture you, Alexandra. If I have my way, I'll never speak to you again. (She turns to leave.)

ALEX: (mockingly) Well, princess doesn't get her way, this time. You be at the country club, at eight o'clock. You just must see my surprise for Roger. Wear the earrings, that will be a nice touch.

MINDY: I just may warn Roger not to come.

ALEX: No, I need both of you there.

MINDY: What makes you think I would show up to be humiliated?

ALEX: Damage control, darling - you'll want to know what people are saying about you in public. And of course, not everyone knows, do they? If you're not there, I'll send a telegram to your father, and then watch your family fall apart.

MINDY: Even you wouldn't do that.

ALEX: Yes, I will. These "games" are the only pleasure I have left, so I play to win.

(Mindy starts to leave.)

ALEX: Eight o'clock, sharp! (The door slams.) Now, for the main event.

(She picks up her purse and exits. That night, Roger arrives at the country club. He encounters Robert, the maitre d'.)

ROGER: Well, good evening, Robert.

ROBERT: Good evening, Mr. Thorpe.

ROGER: My wife has reserved a table for us?

ROBERT: Oh yes, of course. We're expecting you.

(Roger sees a bunch of people he apparently knows, and says pleasantries to them. One of the extras tells his wife that they're not supposed to tell Roger why they're there, because "Alexandria" - where did they find this guy? - is planning a surprise.)

ROGER: (looking at the wine list, to Robert) I want to order something very special for a very special independence celebration.

ROBERT: Why yes, of course, would you like some time to make your decision?

ROGER: Oh no, I'll order now, so you have time to decant and let it breathe. Ah, here we are (he names some 1961 vintage that I cannot spell).

ROBERT: Yes, indeed.

ROGER: Thank you.

(To Roger's surprise, Daniel and Holly enter.)

HOLLY: (to Robert) Holly Lindsey.

ROBERT: Right this way.

HOLLY (upon seeing the table has a sufficient view of Roger) Perfect.

(Alan-Michael enters next.)

A-M: Good evening, Robert.

ROBERT: Ah, good evening, Mr. Spaulding. Your table is right this way. (Roger waves apprehensively.)

ROGER: (to Robert, when he next passes) Robert, aren't you unusually crowded tonight?

ROBERT: Yes, sir, we have a number of reservations. As a matter of fact, we're expecting a full house.

ROGER: Amazing. Most of these people usually attend the fireworks.

ROBERT: Yes, indeed sir.

(Robert walks away, and to Roger's shock, he sees Ed and Maureen walk in next.)

MO: What type of surprise is it? I have a funny feeling about this.

ED: I'm gonna enjoy myself tonight, and Alexandra promised us a ringside seat.

(She begins to figure out what is going on, and isn't pleased.)

ROBERT: (coming over to them) Dr. and Mrs. Bauer. Your table is right here.

MO: Thank you, Robert.

ROGER: (to himself) Well, the gang's all here.

(Alex suddenly walks down the stairs, as suspenseful music plays.)

ROBERT: Mrs. Thorpe, Mr. Thorpe has just chosen a wine.

ALEX: Well, he's good at that sort of thing.

(She makes her way to Roger's table. Roger gets up when she approaches, then sees Mindy enter next. Mindy is wearing earrings, but I have no idea if they're the ones Roger gave her that Alex instructed her to wear in the last scene.)

ALEX: (to Roger, smiling) Ready for the fireworks?

(They both sit down, and the looks on both their faces are priceless. The scene continues the following Monday.)

ROGER: What?

ALEX: (smiling) I've waited a long time for this.

ROGER: What are you talking about?

(He turns to look at Mindy, as if for some kind of signal. Instead Henry enters, and Mindy nervously says hello to him. Robert escorts him to his table. Roger looks again at Ed and Mo, and then Ross enters and smiles at Alex.)

ROGER: Alex, the place is very full. Wouldn't you prefer a little more privacy?

ALEX: (with a hilariously straight face) Oh no, our friends came here tonight just for you.

ROGER: I thought we were here to discuss the terms of our divorce?

ALEX: (smiling graciously) All that dry legal stuff? We can do that later. No, I have other plans for this part of the evening.

(She bangs her spoon on the side of her glass, and all eyes are then on her.)

ALEX: Thank you (getting up with her glass) all of you, for coming here tonight. I would like to propose a toast to the man who has meant so much to all of us, Roger Thorpe.

(The spinning lighthouse comes next. In the next scene, Vanessa, who has just entered, sits down with Mindy and Henry. She whispers to Henry if she's missed anything.)

ALEX: All of you know my husband. He may be the most famous man in Springfield. His accomplishments are stunning, and their effects far-reaching. But as well as you all know Roger (putting her hands on his shoulders) I doubt any of you know the man I know: the mystery man, who swept me off my feet (Roger looks very uncomfortable), who wooed me and captured my heart. The man I married, despite the advice of a good many of you. (Cut to Henry, who looks very confused about what's going on, and Mindy, who looks frightened.) I didn't care what you thought, because Roger loved me. He made me feel like a million.

ROGER: Alex, please.

ALEX: Then I realized, I felt like a million, because I was. I'm worth millions. That's what Roger saw, when he looked at me: millions. Now we can't blame him for that. When you spend your whole life in pursuit of one thing, it tends to be what you notice in people, and Roger's been *hungry* from the first day he came to Springfield! Oh, but I don't have to tell you that. (laughing) Henry can tell you marvelous stories about Roger's trying to crash the executive dining room at Spaulding, and the rest of you have some less amusing stories about Roger's...apetites. (Henry rolls his eyes.) I heard these stories, before we were married! And after we were married. But I ignored them. You didn't know. You were just jealous. You didn't see the man that I had seen (seems on the verge of tears): the man who loved me. We had it all! And he was such a wonderful businessman too. Oh, I know, there was that tacky business a while back, but that was only immoral, not illegal - or so I was convinced at the time. No charges were filed! (to Roger) How many times has that phrase been linked to your name? "No charges were filed." Makes everything okay, doesn't it? Until now. Now Roger's in some very nasty legal trouble that he may not be able to squirm out of, and that's before we even get to the divorce. Oh, I forgot to tell you, didn't I? Roger and I are getting divorced.

ROGER: And none too soon. (Starts to get up.) You're insane, if you think I'm sticking around for this.

ALEX: Come on, Rog, you're still smart, aren't you? Don't you want to hear everything I have to say?

ROGER: I asked Alexandra for a divorce today, so I guess she needs a little indulgence tonight.

ALEX: Oh yes, please indulge me! There's a lot I need to say, and so little time before the legal proceedings begin. (Roger stops.) I'm afraid I'm going to be in court a very long time. You see, not only do we have the divorce, we have this matter of embezzlement. It seems my husband's personal attorney and confidant has been arrested for embezzling funds from the Spaulding Foundation - millions! - and wouldn't you know, none of it can be found in his possession. (laughs) So we're working very hard, putting it all together, how he could possibly have gotten into Spaulding, gained access to the money,  and most importantly, who has it now? So, as my schedule is going to be quite full for the foreseeable future, I decided to invite all of you here tonight to make my apologies. I'm sorry I ever brought this man into your midst. I know that except for my support, he would have been a pariah in this town, and for very good reasons. Ed, I'm sorry for reviving painful memories, and bringing you any new problems at Cedars.

(Ed nods, Maureen looks very upset to be there.)

ALEX: To Holly I apologize for taking advantage of our friendship, and for giving sanctuary to this man who raped you.

(Holly looks very uncomfortable.)

ALEX: Ross, you saw it all so clearly, and I wouldn't listen to you. Sorry I was so stupid, and careless with your happiness.

(Ross gives an empathetic look.)

ALEX: And to my beloved Henry, (right on the verge of tears) I am sorry for all the pain and financial loss you have been forced to endure. I owe you a great deal, Henry - you and Alan-Michael - for finally opening my eyes.

(Fletcher enters.)

ALEX: Ah, Fletch, if only we'd ended up on another island all those years ago, things would have been so different. (changes her tone) There are others here, to whom I make no apologies.

(The camera cuts to Mindy.)

ALEX: Those of you who trusted and believed in Roger have only yourselves to blame...

ROGER: (screaming) Stop it!

(Holly runs out, with Daniel following her. Mindy starts to get up, and Vanessa holds her hand. Back to Alex and Roger.)

ALEX: You're fired, Roger - fired from the company, from the marriage, from this club, from the entire town if I can manage it. I'm sure everyone would find the air a little sweeter without the stench of your presence. Goodbye Roger.

(She leaves, touching Alan-Michael's shoulder on the way out. Roger sees everyone staring at him from all sides, and follows after her. Next, Vanessa is comforting Mindy.)

VANESSA: Mindy, pull yourself together.

MINDY: I've gotta get out of here.

VANESSA: If she comes after you, if she so much as looks as though she's going to harm you, she's not going to have a single day's rest, I promise you.

MINDY: No, Vanessa, you can't get involved in this. I'll handle this.

VANESSA: You'll handle Alexandra?

MINDY: I'll have to, won't I? It's my life, they were my choices.

VANESSA: But sweetheart, you weren't anticipating this, now were you?

MINDY: No. What do you think she'll do next?

VANESSA: Well, I think you're alright as long as she's concentrating on Roger. After that? I don't know.

(Mindy looks panicked. Meanwhile, Roger and Alex continue their argument outside in the pool area, near where Frank and Blake are in the process of drinking champagne out of Blake's shoes.)

ROGER: You'll regret it.

ALEX: Go back inside! Enjoy your last meal here. Your membership's been revoked.

ROGER: (laughing) There are other clubs.

ALEX: Not in this town.

ROGER: You think I care where I eat?

(Blake overhears and starts to get up.)

ALEX: (laughing) Oh, you'd better believe it! I'm taking it all back Roger. There won't be any way in for you - no power base, no place for you to hob-knob with the people you envy, people you're planning to use! No matter what else happens, this town will be closed to you!

(Blake comes over.)

BLAKE: Daddy?

ROGER: Blake.

BLAKE: What's wrong?

ALEX: (grinning) Nothing, dear. Everything is working out just fine. And you! You have been such a big help.

ROGER: What are you talking about?

ALEX: Oh, I forgot to tell you! It was Blake, your ever ambitious daughter, who discovered the embezzlement at the Foundation!

(When the scene continues, Frank joins the gathering.)

BLAKE: Daddy, did I do something wrong?

ROGER: No, honey, never. You'll have to forgive Alex. See, I'm divorcing her, and she's taking it pretty badly.

ALEX: I'm taking it badly?

ROGER: You don't think everyone can see it? You're worse than a child! What, you think you're the key to my life? "I'm taking it all back, Rog!" You go ahead and take it. See, you're the one who needs all this stuff - this place, your position in society. You're the one who needed that audience back there for your sad, vulgar, pathetic display because you'd been rejected.

ALEX: (who has been grinning all through Roger's speech) That's what you think this is about?

ROGER: That's exactly what this is about. You see you'll always be a spoiled little rich kid who just throws a fit every time she doesn't get what she wants, because you're nothing without the props your Daddy gave you! You don't have the slightest idea what it's like to achieve something on your own, to actually work for something that's yours! And that's why you'll never hurt me or Blake.

ALEX: (still grinning) What a lovely dream! (to Blake) Do you find Daddy's words comforting, dear?

BLAKE: What is she talking about?

ALEX: They are all you will have soon. Your day is coming.

ROGER: Don't you dare threaten my daughter. In fact, lady, I'd shut my mouth if I were you, while you're still ahead. See, I'm not going anywhere. The Thorpe family is going to be running this town long after the Spauldings are history.

ALAN-MICHAEL: (having just entered) Don't count on it, Roger. (to Alex) I think we've had enough for tonight, don't you?

ROGER: Alan-Michael, your aunt and I... This isn't about you.

A-M: Yes it is, Roger. I'm a Spaulding; you did this to me, too. You tried to use me to hurt my own family and our company, just because you thought you could get it by the dumb kid.

ROGER: I would never think that.

A-M: You know what? I don't give a damn what you think. Your actions speak much louder.

ROGER: You too, huh? (to Alex) You must be very proud of yourself.

A-M: More than you must. You ready, Aunt Alex?

ALEX: Yes, let's eat. I'm ravenous. (They start to head back inside.)

ROGER: This isn't over yet. You earned yourself a lawsuit tonight. (Frank and Blake take off.) You must be nuts making those kinds of accusations in front of a roomful of people.

ALEX: (mockingly) I'm scared to death!

ROGER: You'd better be. You've got no proof, you've got no records, you've got nothing to link me to any crime - I mean nothing!

ALEX: (grinning) I don't need proof. I've got the best leverage in the world. Figure it out!

(She and A-M then exit. Roger goes inside the club and approaches Robert.)

ROGER: Call my car, Robert. (Robert pauses.) Didn't you hear me? Call my car.

ROBERT: The Spaulding limo already left - Ms. Spaulding's orders.

ROGER: (annoyed) Well then call for a taxi.

(Robert picks up the phone, but then notices Alex staring at him.)

ROGER: (to a frozen Robert) What is your problem?

ROBERT: I...I...I'm sorry. The club only calls taxis for its members.

(Roger, who is completely embarassed, looks around, sees everyone staring at him, and then hobbles out, on his crutches.)

Alex, Ross, Henry, and Vanessa
A defeated Roger

(The next morning, Alex comes out of the bathroom into her bedroom. She is in her nightgown and listening to jazz music that's obviously symbolically about the sun shining, birds singing, etc. She calls for Vera, but she isn't there, and she finds a note from Vera saying she's gone shopping and will be back soon. She remarks that the house is so peaceful and then lies back down, only to see Roger walk right into the room grinning.)

ROGER: Hi honey, I'm home. Did you really think changing all those locks was gonna keep me out? What, did you have a big bonfire party, or just you, Vera, and a trash can?

ALEX: Roger, I'm busy. I'm expecting someone any minute.

ROGER: Really? Who?

ALEX: Ross Marler.

ROGER: He'll be late.

ALEX: I doubt it.

ROGER: Trust me, he has more important things on his mind. In fact (checking his watch) I bet he and Holly are having one heck of a conference right about now.

(Roger is referring to the fact that he froze WSPR's accounts, creating a disarray that Ross and Holly are both in the process of dealing with, in order to get back at them for their part in the floor show at the country club.)

ALEX: He will be here. Soon. Get off my bed!

ROGER: (slowly getting up) What's wrong, Alex, rocky morning?

ALEX: No! Everything is finally right!

ROGER: Why are you so nervous?

ALEX: I'm not.

ROGER: Seem pretty jumpy to me.

ALEX: I can assure you I'm not...

ROGER: Wait a minute, I know what's wrong today! You don't have an audience! In fact, there's nobody around for miles. No applause, nobody to laugh at your great zingers, nobody to step in and...defend you.

ALEX: (laughing) You're threatening me?

ROGER: (nodding no) That's your field of expertise. I'm here to tell you something: The next time you ever threaten one of my children will be the last time you ever threaten anyone.

ALEX: Get out of my house!

(Roger, who is facing Alex, who is standing right in front of the wall, puts his crutches up against the wall, effectively pinning her.)

ROGER: Not yet.

ALEX: You have no right to be here.

ROGER: Not quite true.

ALEX: Yes you are. You don't walk into my home and threaten me! You've already done every unspeakable thing imaginable! Trust me, anything else you have in mind would be anti-climactic, so just go! (She gets away from him.)

ROGER: No, Alex, we don't play today. You don't get to do to me what you did in public and then just walk away. See, I don't need an audience, but I've got plenty to say to you and you're damn well gonna hear it.

ALEX: (incensed) What could you possibly have to say to me? I'm not to blame for this prison sentence of a marriage.

ROGER: You don't think you had any part in any of this?

ALEX: I didn't! I did nothing.

ROGER: You locked me out of your bedroom.

ALEX: You deserved it.

ROGER: How do you figure that?

ALEX: After that fiasco at The Towers?

ROGER: What kind of equation is that? I mean, I make a bad business decision, and so you stop sleeping with me?

ALEX: A bad business decision...

ROGER: And then you set me up to be unfaithful to you?

ALEX: (grinning) Well you didn't disappoint me, did you?

ROGER: Actually, I did, and you're not the only one I disappointed that night in Acapulco. It's a good thing you showed up, Holly might have worn me down. That was her plan.

ALEX: Our plan, to catch you.

ROGER: (shaking his head) We left the hotel because Holly wanted to.

ALEX: You're lying.

ROGER: She wanted to be someplace where you couldn't find us. She wanted me, Alex.

(Alex, appalled, goes into the bathroom. She later comes out, fully dressed.)

ALEX: You're still here?

(Roger smugly mutters yes. She goes to leave, and finds the bedroom door locked.)

ROGER: (showing her the key) Yeah, now that I've finally got you interested in my story...

ALEX: Oh, Holly's old news. But hey, if you want to brag about your sex life, then let's talk about Mindy Lewis. (grinning) Sweet, adorable...

ROGER: ...young...

ALEX: ...trashy Mindy Lewis. The tramp you've been carrying on with ever since that night at The Towers.

(The phone rings, Alex goes to answer it, but Roger picks it up and immediately slams it back down. Ross, on the other end, becomes very concerned.)

ALEX: How can you bring your lying face into this house after what you've done? I admitted my mistakes. I tried everything I could to make this marriage work. I practically begged for a second chance after Acapulco, and you just stood there and smiled and said, "Of course, Darling." And the whole time, you were sneaking around like the slime you are! You're not a man, you're filth!

ROGER: After the way that you humiliated me, how could you possibly believe that I could want you?

ALEX: Because you told me you did. If you wanted out, then you should have been a man and admitted it. If we have problems, then we talk about them. If it doesn't work, then you bow out! You stand up and tell the truth! You don't lie to someone who still loves you! You don't sneak around with some tramp...

ROGER: Oh no! You just stop calling her...

ALEX: You don't bring that tramp into my home! Into my bed!!!

(She dramatically climbs onto the bed and pulls up the sheet.)

ALEX: Oh, yeah Rog, I knew!!! I came home that night, worried sick about your stupid knee, because you'd fallen off that horse! But that was nothing - nothing! - compared to how sick I felt when I found out you had been with her, right here, in my own room!!!

ROGER (smiling) The earring.

ALEX: Yeah, the earring! Your very expensive present for the woman you loved! I found it the next morning (lifting up the dust ruffle) right there!

ROGER: And you left it right there to trap me!

ALEX: (laughing) Even then I gave you the benefit of the doubt! But when it disappeared, and I found out it was Mindy's, then I knew! I wanted to rip you apart with my bare hands that very night. But Henry and Alan-Michael told me about the missing money, so I had to be careful.

ROGER: (laughing) You always did have your priorities.

ALEX: Roger, this isn't just about my money. You stole from my entire family, my company! So I waited. I smiled at you when I wanted to vomit, I pretended to believe you, I became as good a liar as you had been, but it cost me!

ROGER: Awww, that's too bad.

ALEX: Every time you touched me, I felt contaminated. When you kissed me, I felt violated! When you touched me, I would wash and scrub all over to get the stench of you off...

ROGER: Shut up!!!!

ALEX: I have only begun!!!

(Roger knocks some things off the desk/table with his crutch.)

ROGER: (calmly) My turn. Now, you're gonna listen to me. This is your cheap talent, Alex: self-righteousness. From the first minute of our marriage to the last, that's what you've been: self-righteous. Now I want to know, doesn't it ever get tiring, don't you ever, you know, make yourself sick...

ALEX: You have no right to criticize me.

ROGER: You have strangled this marriage from day one. I have no idea what you wanted, but it wasn't me. You wanted to change me, wanted to mold me. This was your world, and if I was a very good boy, maybe I could be your guest.

ALEX: That's not true, I made you president of my company.

ROGER: You made me. You allowed me! You surrounded me with people who hated me, people who treated me like an outsider, and you let them, Alex. You listened to every filthy word anyone ever had to say about me. Hell, you even let your old boyfriend Fletcher hang around to point out my shortcomings. And then you'd take my hand and pat it and say, "There, there, they just don't understand you," when all the time it was you who made sure I was always surrounded by that hatred and that disrespect and that distrust. You were just waiting for me to fail...

ALEX: No...

ROGER: And then when I finally did the night of The Towers, one of the worst nights of my life, when I needed you most, you locked me out of your bedroom. Hell, you did everything but drive me over to Mindy's house yourself. (She laughs.) I'd finally proven all your buddies right, and you weren't gonna stop with locking me out of your room. That's when the tests began. I was supposed to want you after you set me up to be unfaithful to you? I was supposed to want you after you deserted my own daughter? You would have left her to die after she'd been kidnapped.

ALEX: Your daughter's disgusting.

ROGER: My daughter is my daughter. That's all that should have mattered to you. You think I liked Phillip? You think I appreciated the way he treated my daughter? But I was civil to him, because I knew it mattered to you. You showed no such concern for me. No self-respecting man can live with you, Alex. You don't want a husband, you want a lapdog. Now, if you're looking around for someone to blame for this pathetic marriage, you don't have to look far. (He physically turns her around to face the mirror.) There, take a good look, 'cause that's the one person you've got to blame.

(They stare into the mirror for a bit. In the next scene, Roger unlocks the door.)

ALEX: We're not through.

ROGER: (laughing) You really want to hear more?

ALEX: We have business to settle.

ROGER: Oh, I think our lawyers can handle the terms of our divorce.

(She grinningly picks up the phone and starts dialing.)

ALEX: I'm not calling my lawyer, I'm calling the stables. I think it's time I had a nice long talk with your son.

(Roger is terrified. In the next episode, he gets her to hang up before reaching Hart.)

ROGER: We don't need to involve anyone else in our divorce.

ALEX: You know what they say, divorce is always hardest on the children. I just want your son to be prepared...

ROGER: I'm not asking for a settlement. All you have to do is just sign the papers.

ALEX: (laughing) Gladly. Just as soon as you sign over everything you own - to me.

ROGER: (laughing) Come on now, you're not seriously going to try that.

ALEX: Watch me.

ROGER: (mockingly) Okay, you want to play hardball with me, go ahead, take your best shot. But I'm warning you: It better be good. You're dreaming, Alex. You'll never be able to make the terms of the prenuptual agreement stick.

ALEX: It's a legal document.

ROGER: (laughing) But you can't make a case. An earring under the bed proves nothing.

ALEX: Not by itself, no. But think of the fun I'd have trying. We could have a long, public trial. I imagine sweet little Mindy's testimony alone would take days, with the team of lawyers I'd have grilling her.

(Roger is visibly shaken.)

ALEX: And I've got news for you: Your cutie pie isn't made of very strong stuff. When we get to the part about her losing your baby, she'll snap like a twig and tell everyone.

ROGER: You're not even human anymore.

ALEX: Well we can avoid court if you'd like. Just hand over everything to me! Including the land you've been buying outside of town.

ROGER: I don't know what you're talking about.

ALEX: I'm not wired, Roger, if that's what you think.

ROGER: No, no, no, I'm sorry, though. I just don't know what you're talking about.

ALEX: I don't have time for this! I have a paper trail of holding companies that own the land, and they all lead back to you. You own that land, and you bought it with money you embezzled from me.

ROGER: You can't prove that, or I'd be in jail right now.

ALEX: We came very close. Davis was ready to turn, until you got to him. But of course he might break yet, or I could put a team of Spaulding lawyers on it.

ROGER: That would take years, and you'd still come up with nothing.

ALEX: You're right about the time element. It could take years. And I want you out of my life now!

ROGER: Well, that doesn't leave you much room to negotiate.

ALEX: No, all that means is I'm taking a more direct approach.

ROGER: You've got no leverage.

ALEX: (grinning) I don't see it that way. For one thing, there's no telling what will happen to Blake without you around.

ROGER: I warned you. You don't threaten my children.

ALEX: I'm simply wondering. She's never been popular at Spaulding.

ROGER: She's good at her job. (nodding) She can take care of herself.

ALEX: (nodding) I suppose. But there are others who can't.

ROGER: Meaning?

ALEX: Others who are too young to stand on their own. Impressionable, and unfortunately for you, decent moral people.

ROGER: You're talking about Hart?

ALEX: If you don't give everything back, it will cost you the thing you want most: your son.

ROGER: You are so presumptuous. What makes you think you could manage that?

ALEX: I wouldn't say it if I couldn't.

ROGER: The hell you wouldn't! Okay, come on, let's see what you've got. Come on, put it on the table.

(In the next scene, Roger is sitting with his feet on Alex's table, when Alex re-enters the room carrying a binder.)

ROGER: I'm frightened!

ALEX: For the life you lead, you can't afford fear - or arrogance.

ROGER: You're bluffing. What do you think you're going to do? Tell Hart what an awful guy I am? It's been tried, by Ross and Ed and Holly. He knows better.

ALEX: Okay, as we all know, your good friend Davis was siphoning funds out of the foundation into Swiss bank accounts, which later were used to buy up land outside of Springfield.

ROGER: Yes Alex, we all know. My lawyer betrayed my trust and did a bad thing. I knew nothing about it.

ALEX: You expect Hart to believe that?

ROGER: Yes, I do.

ALEX: You'll explain it to him?

ROGER: I already have.

ALEX: Did you also explain your trip to his farm? You used a Spaulding limo - very dumb move. We keep logs.

ROGER: Hart knows all about that trip. I was trying to buy a horse for my lovely wife. I'm a very devoted husband.

ALEX: Would you like to have a look at this log? As you can see here, it's clearly noted, you didn't go alone. Davis was with you.

ROGER: Mmmm...what's so strange about that?

ALEX: Nothing. You were going there to take business, of course you'd take your lawyer.

ROGER: Of course.

ALEX: So why did he stay in the car?

ROGER: Because I didn't need him to buy a horse. We had other business to discuss, so he went along.

ALEX: (grinning) You're doing well. I'd almost buy it. Now, we get to the phone logs.

ROGER: (taken aback) What?

ALEX: There's a record of all the phone calls made from the limo, and we have here a call made from that car to...Jeffrey Battles' private line! You do see where this is heading, don't you? Now, we have a copy of Peter Jessup's phone records. He called Jeffrey Battle that day, to inquire about donating his land to the government.

ROGER: A horrible coincidence.

ALEX: Really! Because before that, our limo dropped Mr. Davis off at City Hall, where he went to Jeffrey Battles' office, and was sitting there when Mr. Jessup called, ready to steal the man's land out from under him.

ROGER: I like it, I do, I think it would fly as a TV detective series.

ALEX: Look at the times, Roger, the time Mr. Davis was dropped off, the time Mr. Jessup called...

ROGER: (laughing) All circumstantial, and it still doesn't prove I had any idea what Davis was up to.

ALEX: (picking up an envelope) This is a copy of a sworn statement from Jeffrey Battles. He said that Davis came to him with the idea, told him what to do, told him not to ask too many questions, and made it very clear that he, Davis, was working on your behalf.

ROGER: That's impossible.

ALEX: Not really. We know Davis got very sloppy.

ROGER: (desperate) Even if I had been behind all this, Battles couldn't possibly know it.

ALEX: I think he must. He was willing to go on record.

ROGER: (terrified) That must have cost you a lot.

ALEX: You didn't steal that much from me, honey, I could still afford it.

ROGER: It will never hold up in court.

ALEX: It doesn't have to. Hart has seen how unfair courts can be. I get the impression he's much keener on the truth. And don't you think when he sees all of this he's gonna wonder, wonder if his father did steal the one thing he loves most in this word, wonder if his father caused his grandfather's death, wonder if his father really is the slime everyone says he is?

ROGER: Hart loves me.

ALEX: Heaven help him! But if you want to keep it that way, here's the deal: You give it all back - the Spaulding stock you cheated Henry Chamberlain out of, all of your holdings on the waterfront, your share of WSPR, and most especially, the land outside of town you bought with my money, including the Jessup farm. You do it today, Roger, or I take all of that evidence to your son, and when he sees it, he will never speak to you again.

ROGER: My son will never believe you.

ALEX: I think he will. I'm betting the farm on it.

(In the next scene...)

ALEX: I don't have all day, Roger. What's it gonna be - your empire, or your son?

ROGER: (getting up) My empire! You're so melodramatic.

ALEX: Pick any word you choose, it still comes down to the same choice.

ROGER: My empire is right here (points to his head) and here (pounds his chest) and that is why you can take everything I've got and you won't stop me. I'm staying right here in Springfield with my children, and we will bury the Spauldings.

ALEX: (annoyed) Is that a yes, Roger? Are you agreeing to the terms?

ROGER: You wouldn't do it, Alex. I know you. You wouldn't hurt an innocent boy just to get revenge on me.

ALEX: Try me. I've learned a lot from you.

(They stare each other down, and finally Roger breaks first.)

ROGER: The farm goes back to Hart.

ALEX: Not all of it. You might use it. He can have the house and 5 acres, as his grandfather intended. The rest goes into public trust. Agreed?

ROGER: Agreed. But I get the credit for getting it back for him.

ALEX: (laughing) Oh, you're too much!

ROGER: Listen, that's the point of this whole deal, Alex. My son has to believe in me, or the deal is off.

ALEX: Agreed. I doubt you can live up to his trust for very long, but I won't interfere.

ROGER: And Blake is fine at Spaulding.

ALEX: No guarantees. With her track record in my family, she's earned the boot all by herself.

ROGER: She's good at her job.

ALEX: Roger, no!

ROGER: (backing down) And you agree to keep quiet about Mindy.

ALEX: You've got a lot of nerve.

ROGER: You can't torch everyone, Alex! You leave Mindy alone.

ALEX: I'm not interested in airing that dirty laundry.

ROGER: And no quiet reprisals. No sabotaging of her business.

ALEX: Don't push your luck! Now the other holdings: the waterfront, WSPR, Henry's stock.

ROGER: I won't fight you on any of that, but I get to keep WSPR.

ALEX: Fine. (laughing) You and Holly deserve each other.

ROGER: Does that cover it?

ALEX: (nodding) I think that's about everything. Have the papers here by close of business today, or all bets are off.

ROGER: (throwing the key onto the table) Fine.

(He starts to walk out, and encounters Holly, who is entering.)

HOLLY: I have to talk to you... (to Roger) What the hell are you doing here?

(He silently walks past her.)

HOLLY: Did you do it? Did you get WSPR away from him?

(Alex dramatically rolls her eyes, as the episode ends.)

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