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Irises: The Unofficial Beverlee McKinsey and Carmen Duncan Home Page


Of Interest to All Iris Fans

The Another World Home Page: This is the best soap opera website I have ever seen, and there is quite a bit about Iris. Be sure to check out Iris's character profile; several vintage Beverlee clips in the audio section; and even a list of the names Iris' maid, Louise, gave to her plants in the miscellaneous section.

The Another World Picture Gallery: Includes a number of rare pictures of both Beverlee and Carmen as Iris.

P&G Classic Soaps AOL Video Channel: Classic P&G soap episodes from the late 1970s and early 1980s available for download online, including the first 70 episodes of Texas ("starring Beverlee McKinsey") with more apparently being added on a regular basis.

The World of Soap Themes: Vintage opening and closing sequences of virtually every daytime drama to air in the past fifty years, including Another World. You can catch a glimpse of Carmen in Iris' Snowflake Ball costume in the early 1990s opening, and don't miss the original Texas opening sequence, featuring the voiceover, "Texas, starring Beverlee McKinsey!" Also, if you subscribe to the premium membership, be sure to check out Carmen's heartbreaking performance at Mac's funeral on Another World.

YouTube Finds

A March 1979 Another World Episode: Featuring a classic Iris (Beverlee McKinsey) and Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) fight, with Louise (Anne Meacham) caught in the middle

Iris/Rachel 1989: Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) confronts Iris (Carmen Duncan) about being "The Chief" - the mastermind of the takeover attempt of Mac's company

Iris 1989: Iris (Carmen Duncan) prepares to confess to Mac that she was "The Chief" - the mastermind of the takeover attempt of his company

Iris/Mac 1989: Iris (Carmen Duncan) confesses to Mac (Douglas Watson) that she was "The Chief" - the mastermind of the takeover attempt of his company

Iris/Rachel 1993: Iris (Carmen Duncan) and Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) argue over whether or not to sacrifice Mac's memory during Jake and Spencer's Cory Publishing takeover attempt

Iris/Carl/Rachel/Evan 1994: Clips from Iris's trial and Carmen Duncan's departure

Beverlee on General Hospital 1994: Beverlee's last appearance on daytime TV to date - in a cameo appearance as Myrna Slaughter in a first-rate, classic soap story line in its own right, alongside some other legends of the big and small screen (be sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3 as well to see her entire appearance)

Of Interest to Fans of Beverlee's Work on Guiding Light

Guiding Light Transcript Page: Classic transcripts of Guiding Light scenes from the 1980s and early 1990s, some featuring Beverlee as Alexandra Spaulding.

Miscellaneous Links

The Gynaecological Oncology Fund: The organization where Carmen now works as fundraising manager.

Marj Dusay's Official Website: I figured this site wouldn't be complete without some mention of Marj, who replaced Beverlee on Guiding Light . :) Marj is so fabulous that I might have gone ahead and included her in this site as well, making it a trio, if there were not already page(s) devoted to her on the net.

The Official Ilene Kristen Website: Another website I created, about the marvelous Ilene Kristen, who plays Roxy on One Life to Live and who played Delia on Ryan's Hope - perhaps the only other character in daytime to ever be written (and portrayed) as being as realistically neurotic as Iris. When Ilene and Beverlee once presented a daytime Emmy together, Afternoon TV Magazine wrote, "Super witches Iris Bancroft and Delia Ryan (Beverlee McKinsey and Ilene Kristen) paired as presenters - what a combination!"

TV MegaSite: Daily transcripts of SoapNet's Another World reruns


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